The advantages of wooden toys

wooden toys

Wooden blocks, sorters, dollhouses, pushers for toddlers or chess or table football are traditional toys that we remember from childhood. They bring back great memories, even though plastic entered our toy stores in a flash and quickly became established in them. Fortunately, Wooden toys started to reappear in our stores to become a fashionable complement to children’s rooms. No wonder, because they really have many advantages.

Firstly, Wooden toys are very long-lasting

In houses where toys pass from hand to hand or where children’s rage only escapes after throwing a few objects, such a Wooden toys will survive many storms. Trashy, plastic-like toy products will sooner harm toddlers when they break and fall into razor-sharp pieces than a machined and razor-sharp piece of wood, even if it falls on a limb. So if you consider the purchase of toys as an investment and want your toddler not to cry out of despair over a broken car or a ride after a few days, look for a wooden one.

Secondly, they affect the development of the child

Just tapping, knocking and spinning the toy develops manual skills more than pressing your index finger on the buttons. Children also learn about the world from playing with Wooden toys, learning colours, counting and letters. Of all toys, children have the greatest chance of survival, including wooden blocks and a wooden abacus. They are Timeless and don’t bore our kids.

wooden toys

Thirdly, they are safe for the child

Kids take everything in their mouths. They don’t even follow minimum hygiene rules. Wooden toys from renowned manufacturers do not contain toxic substances, they have the necessary approvals for this. Wiping them from time to time with a cloth with detergent is enough for a toddler not to have mouths in thrush and pustules. In addition, after removing the wooden toy from the box, the apartment does not need to be ventilated, as is the case with “toys smelling of Chinese”.

Fourthly, they develop the imagination

Bricks, figurines, pushers, dolls’ houses do not have the option of showing, informing and doing something for a child, nor do they encourage you to repeat over and over again the same rhyme that adults have had enough of after a few days.

Fifthly, they are suitable for children aged several months and several years

That’s why a toddler can play with Wooden toys from the moment he takes things in his hands to the time he goes to school.

How to buy (not only) Wooden toys?

If you care about Solid toys, remember that it’s better to buy less, but with good reason. That is, one toy, but intricately made, one that won’t fall apart and harm your child.

Buy toys made of wood, natural fabrics, thick cardboard, but not in the supermarket, but in online shops, which are focused on selecting quality products. Adjust the toy to your child’s age (online shops allow you to filter your offer after the chosen age range). There is no need to buy a punch or a pusher for a seven-year-old, and for a three-year-old a foosball table.

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