Toys and activities for a trip with a child

travel toys

Travelling with your child is not always enjoyable, as most parents are well aware of that. While at the beginning we think that we have everything prepared and our baby won’t surprise us with anything, during the process we find out that it’s different. We never know when the child will get bored and decide to show us how badly he or she is in a bad mood. How to deal with similar situations?

Pack toys for the road

When going on a Trip with your child, let’s try to pack for it properly. It’s not just about snacks and change clothes, but above all about Travel toys. When choosing them, we should consider a few important issues, such as the age of the child, the length of the journey, the time of day and the means of transport. A year-old child will require a different kind of entertainment and a five-year-old child will require a different kind of entertainment.

The same goes for the length of the journey. While two little things are enough for an hour’s journey, in the case of a few hours’ journey, we should have various surprises prepared so that the little one does not get bored after a few minutes. The means of transport are also a separate issue. A car or a train gives us a bit more room to show off when it comes to the number of toys than for example a plane.

Teddy bears – theatre on the move

The ideal game option, almost mandatory on every journey, is to take plush toys with you. Every child has his or her beloved cuddly, which he or she does not part with at home, and when going somewhere further away from home, he or she needs his or her beloved friend. A few Teddy bears take some volume, but if you’re Travelling by car, it’s a great option to improvise and organise different themed scenes with your favourite Teddy bears.

travel toys

A small mascot will work on an airplane, cuddle when turbulence occurs and relieve the stress of landing. It must be admitted that the invaluable role of the mascot is her power to calm the great sorrows that children often like to appear out of the blue, and in a journey that is an exhausting experience for a child, as much as possible can happen.

Rebuses, cards, Riddles – mind training on the move

The journey does not have to be an idle time for the child, because it is worthwhile to use it creatively, devoting time to developing one’s imagination, getting to know the letters or the world of animals through games that engage the child. All kinds of cards, small rebuses, puzzle sets are priceless. A pictorial figure of this type of toys stimulates children. Thanks to them, they get to know the world of animals, learn to name geometric figures or colours.

The rebus versions for older children, containing mathematical, natural or linguistic questions, are fun through learning. Time passes then much faster, but it is impossible to appreciate the ergonomics of such gadgets. Playing cards will also be a good way to make your time on the move more pleasant, younger children can play Peter with adults, older ones will surely be absorbed by a bit more “adult” games: Macau or War, not paying attention to the passing hours.

To sum up, a journey does not have to be an unpleasant experience for a child, it’s worthwhile to teach kids how to pack toys from an early age, how to plan and organize a play plan for the journey, to show that it can be time spent together, interesting and engaging.

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