The right toy for your child – things to consider when shopping toys

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We are usually looking for toys that are nice, develop skills and stimulate your Child’s imagination. Once we think we’ve found the ideal, it turns out that theory and practice don’t go hand in hand – what parents like, doesn’t necessarily please the child. How to choose from hundreds of toys – teddy bears, dolls, blocks and games – the one that will satisfy your child and be safe for him or her?

Buy age-appropriate toys

The decision will be facilitated by information on the packaging – for children, at what age the toy is intended. This is important, especially if we Buying toys for the youngest. Small elements, beads, etc. can be dangerous for a child – it’s easy to tear them off, put them in the nose or swallow them. Besides, a toy that is wrongly matched to your child’s age and level of Development will become a cause of frustration and will quickly go to the corner.

Watch the child’s needs

Your child will help you choose a toy. By observing them, you will notice how their skills and interests change. If he’s just learned to grasp, he’ll like a light rattle. If he’s in the process of throwing small items into large containers, he’ll be drawn in by Playing with buckets and blocks. A “crawling beginner” will like a ball he can follow. And the child who takes his first steps will be fascinated by the possibility of leading a duck on a stick. An energetic preschooler will enjoy a cross-country bike, scooter or trampoline.

Focus on minimalism and simplicity

Manufacturers are outdoing each other in creating more and more “Interactive” and even more educational toys. The slogan “educational toy” has become a marketing trick, which many good-willed parents are caught up in. Meanwhile, simple, classic toys, known for generations (blocks, teddy bears, balls, crayons, toy instruments, dolls, cars) will bring much more educational and Developmental benefits to a child than many super-modern, “Interactive” toys, which instead of developing a Toddler’s skills, play for him.

buying toys

Don’t get too stereotyped

If a boy loves to play with a doll in a pink dress, let him do it. It was the adults who made the division between the girls’ and boys’ toys and colours. The child, before he or she starts to notice these differences imposed by adults, chooses toys with which he or she simply enjoys Playing. Don’t disturb it, don’t forbid it, don’t embarrass it.

Remember, a toddler may have his own tastes

Try to choose and give your baby nice, good quality toys, carefully selected, preferably from natural, biodegradable materials. But if your baby is particularly attracted to a toy far removed from your taste, let him play with it (if it’s safe). After all, this is supposed to be your baby’s favourite toy – not yours.

Don’t buy Too many toys

The baby won’t be able to enjoy them, because he’s about to grow out of them. Especially in the first year of life, with the rapid Development of new skills, the child’s interests change quickly. Instead of a few cheap toys buy one interesting, tested toy. A baby surrounded by Too many toys has a problem to choose from and as a result does not play with any of them. Remember that often the most fascinating for a toddler are everyday objects: pots, spoons, cartons. As long as they don’t threaten your child, they can be perfectly functional as toys.

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