How to support the child’s development in the first year of life

child's development

The development of a child in the first year of life is of fundamental importance for their entire future. Not only the neurological structure of the brain, but also, for example, later Predispositions to learn foreign languages ​​or mathematics and human musicality will depend on how it goes from the beginning.

Intellectual development of a child

The intellectual child’s development is individual and that is why parents should not hastily worry that their child is lagging behind. Any doubts should be shared with the pediatrician. The child must be carefully observed from the first moments after birth. Some motor disorders can be seen after a month, and if they undergo rapid rehabilitation, they can be completely compensated.

Mom’s and dad’s voice

Babies slowly gets used to the presence of loved ones. Initially, their perceptual skills allow them to recognize their mother’s face from a short distance, so it’s often worth holding the toddler in your arms, swaying, talking to them in a calm voice and singing songs. In this way the baby gets used to it and knows that they can feel safe in mom’s arms. They probably associate the voice the person who is the closest from the time of fetal life.

Educational mat

When the kid is already a few months old, it is worth considering buying accessories that help to better explore the environment around. Educational mats are one of the Recommended solutions. In our store you can find many variants.

For a child who is already 3 months old, a mat presenting a colorful pond with its inhabitants will be a great option. Thanks to its softness your baby won’t feel the cold of the floor and can lie comfortably on it and roll over on its stomach or back. In addition, the infant can grab three-dimensional mascots attached to the mat and explore the world Through touch.

child's development

Educational booklet

Building good practices and Habits from an early age is very important, so it’s worth familiarizing babies with books. In the first months of life, it is best to use, in addition to traditionally read fairytales for children, soft educational books, which are created for children’s little hands. Educational books are sensory toys ideal for children in the first year of life.

Baby books are made of soft fabrics, and on their pages the little ones will find large colorful pictures, fairytale characters, shapes that you can not only see, but most importantly touch, feel, pull. Baby books are a great gift for a six-month-old child who is already sitting alone. In this position, they will be able to turn the pages of the book, discovering what awaits them for each subsequent.

Sensory toys

Sensory toys are very important for babies in terms of development and sensory integration. It is very important to stimulate the child’s senses and constantly engage them. Sensory toys such as trolley hangers, educational books mentioned earlier, balls, or puzzles, allowing baby to experience various textures, structures, as well as sounds, great support for the development of a little baby, that at the same time will provide attractive Entertainment.

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